Khao Samuk – Monkey Mountain Bang Saen

Monkeys on Khao Samuk Bang Saen

If you are heading out to Bang Saen for the day then it is worth heading up to Khao Samuk. Khao Samuk is the hill on the headland at the northern end of Bang Saen. Some good views can be had here over Bang Saen and towards the oyster farms to the north, but as well a the views Khao Samuk is famous for its boisterous colony of Macaque monkeys which also reside on this hill. Going to visit and feed the monkeys has become quite a popular pastime, the monkeys are usually very easy to find as during day-light hours they congregate at the viewpoints or along the road leading up the hill as they know there are likely to be a steady stream of visitors to feed them! On the road up at the hill and at the viewpoints you will usually find some enterprising banana vendors who will have a plentiful banana supply for feeding the monkeys.


These monkeys can be aggressive, do not play or tease the monkeys with the food they have been known to bite and even attack people! It is safest to place the food down a few feet in front of them!

How to get to Khao Samuk – Monkey Mountain

Khao Samuk is situated in Bang Saen about 40km north of Pattaya. If you have your own transport or are hiring a motorbike then get out onto the Sukhumwit Road and head north on Highway 3 for about 40km (you will pass through the busy port towns of Laem Chabang and Sri Racha before reaching Bang Saen. You can take cars or motorbikes all the way up the hill and there s a small parking area at the viewpoint

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Khao Samuk Monkey Mountain Map

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