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Pattaya Walking Street has become one of Pattaya’s main attraction. Walking Street can be found at the southern end of Beach Road where at 6:00 pm the street is closed to traffic and the neon lights are switched on!!!

The attractions of Walking Street can be enjoyed on various levels, many just enjoy taking a walk along the length of this 500-meter strip taking in all the colourful sights and sounds that this street offers. If you did want to stop then there are plenty of bars and restaurants which line the street where you can kick back and enjoy a meal and a drink while watching the eventful comings and going of locals and visitors alike! Pattaya is especially famous for its naughty nightlife and Walking Street is defiantly one of its centres will a plethora of agogo and beer bars to choose from, serving an eclectic range of tastes and preferences!  It’s not all about naughty nightlife though, there are plenty of bars featuring live music, nightclubs, coffee shops, retails establishments and restaurants. Street entertainers also ply their trade here with impromptu magic shows. Action on Walking Street goes on to the wee hours many nightclubs do not close their doors until six in the morning!


On a walk along this stretch of road in Pattaya, you will most probably come across the following

Beer Bar Centers

The beer bar centre has become a prominent feature of Pattaya. A beer bar centre is a group of open-air bars each bar is staffed by a team of attractive girls, some serving drinks, some acting as hostesses and some take turns to provide a sexy dance show around the obligatory dance pole. There are a couple of large and colourful beer bar centres on walking street and others can be found in some of the smaller sois leading off the street too.

Lovely hostesses at a Walking Street Beer Bar
Lovely hostesses at a Walking Street Beer Bar – Photo Jeremy Andrews
Waiting! Beer Bar Walking Street Pattaya
Waiting! Beer Bar Walking Street Pattaya – Photo Roman Lashkin

Beach Side Restaurants

There are plenty of eating opportunities along the stretch of road and a couple of pricey and long-running seafood joints on the beachside of the street. Some of the beachside restaurants benefit from sea views as many are built on piers extending into the sea. lookout for the Pattaya Beer Garden Restaurant this is the first beachside restaurant you will come to as you approach Walking Street, walk down the passage by the first group of beer bars and you will reach this very pleasant restaurant built out over the sea, food is good value here compared to other establishments along the street.

Pattaya Beer Garden - A nice spot to catch the sun set before heading out on Pattaya's famous Walking Street
Pattaya Beer Garden – A nice spot to catch the sunset before heading out on Pattaya’s famous Walking Street


There are plenty of nightclubs too! Insomnia and 808 seem to be the most popular of the moment. Insomnia (Ibar) has a very pleasant open-air rear balcony area that extends over the sea and a nice spot to grab a few drinks before heading upstairs to the busy Insomnia dance floor. Also, look for Mix discotheque and the long-running Lucifers. Night clubs do not usually get busy until midnight but remain open until the very early hours of the morning when the sun starts to rise!

Insomnia and Ibar - One of Walking Street's most popular and busy nightclubs
Insomnia and Ibar – One of Walking Street’s most popular and busy nightclubs

Freelance Prostitutes

Many freelance working girls (and Ladyboys) ply their trade on Walking Street especially during the small hours of the night. You will single or small groups of girls can often be observed hanging out on the street waiting for potential customers.

Agogo Bars

On walking Street here are plenty of agogo bars to choose from for the uninitiated an agogo is a bar behind closed doors (or a curtained door) where the main attraction is the scantily dressed and often completely naked female dancers. Dancing usually takes place on a central stage with seating for the customers positioned around the stage. Many people go in just to enjoy the spectacle while enjoying a drink, the female dancers are usually happy to join you for a drink (so long as you are paying!) and most girls make themselves available to be taken out of the bar (a  fee will need to be paid to the bar)  for some nocturnal shenanigans in your hotel room. You will find plenty more agogo bars tucked into some of the sois leading off the main Walking Street road.

There are plenty of agogo bars to choose from along the street!
There are plenty of agogo bars to choose from along the street! – Photo Vishwanath Hawargi

For more detailed in-depth info and reviews of naughty nightlife in Pattaya best check out one of the more specialist websites on the subject:

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