Jomtien Beach

A section of the long sweeping Jomtien Beach

This long 6km stretch of beach lies around 2km south of Pattaya, although still far from the best beach in the area it does offer improvements over the beach at Pattaya. Jomtien Beach is less crowded, it is wider (at the northern end) and does not suffer from such a busy road as the chaotic Beach Road running behind Pattaya Beach. As in Pattaya, the water in Jomtien is not the clearest, it does suffer somewhat from the urban development of Jomtien behind the beach and does not offer crystal clear waters as you will find on the nearby island of Koh Larn. If you want to catch a few rays of the sun and take a dip in some warm tropical waters then the beach is acceptable to most. Love em or hate em deckchair and sun parasol concessions dominate most of Jomtien Beach, personally, I feel the deckchair and parasol concessions do nothing to enhance the beach most remain unused during the day and it is a shame that these could not be rented out on an as-need basis rather than taking up great swathes of the beach.

The southern end of Jomtien beach has suffered from erosion over the last couple of decades and at higher tides, the water rises right up the sea defence and the sandy beach completely disappears, if you are staying down at the southern end of Jomtien beach, the beach will only be there at lower tides.

Safe swimming at Jomtien Beach

On Jomtien Beach, safe swimming areas have been sectioned off using a system of connected buoys. It is recommended to use these areas for swimming as the beach here is still busy with the comings and goings of speed boats and jet skis. Collisions do occasionally occur between swimmers and boats/jet skis many people are injured each year and the occasional death is reported so it is definitely advisable to keep within the safe swimming areas.

Water sports on Jomtien beach

As on Pattaya Beach, water sports are popular, jet skis can be hired at many points along the beach and banana boat rides are always available. If you are hiring a jet ski be aware of unscrupulous operators who add on extra charges for damages you did not cause! more information in the Pattaya jet ski scam post. Generally, things are better here than at Pattaya beach. The current going rates for jet ski hire on Jomtien Beach is around 500-700 baht for 30 minutes. Along Jomtien Beach, there are a couple of windsurfing operations that offer lessons and rent out the gear if you have some experience. Probably the best school for windsurfing can be found at Amara Water Sports Centre in Na Jomtien, as well as windsurfing they offer both sailing, kiteboarding and stand up paddle boarding but this is situated some distance south of the main Jomtien Beach

Dongtan Beach

Where the road from Pattaya turns towards the Northern end of Jomtien beach will bring you to the main Jomtien Beach Road which will run south. If you turn right (closed to cars) you will we on the northern part of Jomtien Beach or usually referred to as Dongtan Beach, this is definitely the nicest part of Jomtien beach and worth making the little extra effort to get to. There is a pleasant pedestrian walkway behind the beach and thankfully no busy road! Trees behind the beach are in an abundance and make the beach somewhat attractive.

Dongtan Beach
Dongtan Beach – Photo Vladamir E

At the southern end of Dongtan Beach, there are a couple of bars catering to a male gay clientele the beach area in front of these bars has become popular with gay males.

Jomtien Beach location

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