Cartoon Network Amazone Water Park Pattaya

Cartoon Network Amazone Pattaya

The Cartoon Network Amazone Water Park. Is one of two world-class waterparks competing for your attention in Pattaya. The park is split into zones. There is a large zone and slider complex just for the kiddies “Catoonival” which has sliders of varying lengths and heights to suit most ages. There are two large zones at the north side of the park, (Omniverse Zone and Adventure Zone) dedicated to some very exciting rides, which include the 4 people Omnitrix slide (Our favourite!), Jake Jump, Banana Split and Alien Attack. Most of these rides and sliders are aimed at adults and grown-up children (there is a minimum height restriction for these zones of 120cm) some of the rides are quite hair raising and will definitely have some of the younger children (even above the 120cm mark) quite scared!

We had heard from friends who visited in high season that the water park can get very busy and waiting times (especially for the more popular rides) can be quite lengthy, but we visited in low season (mid-September) on a weekday and the park felt quiet, there was almost no queuing which was great! If you are visiting in the higher season months or on a weekend then definitely consider getting there at the opening time and get a few of the more popular rides in early before the crowds arrive and the queues begin to form.

For some of the rides you will require a floatation device or mat, everyone in our party found it somewhat confusing to which float or mat you need for each ride. There appeared to be no clear instructions on this and a couple of times we reached the top to find that we could not take the slider we wanted as we had the wrong device (which you have to carry yourself to the top) but with some trial and error it was eventually worked out what was required.

Apart from the large variety of slides, there is a large central pool equipped with a wave machine, the pool gradually slopes from the shallows to the deep end and can be enjoyed by all ages even when the waves are turned on. The waves are switched on every 30 minutes and last for 10 minutes, there are various floating devices provided free of charge in the pool so you can enjoy the waves. A count down timer is displayed at the end of the pool indication how many minutes until the next wave session.

looking at the parks own layout map (see below) there is a further large swimming pool at the far western side of the park (top of the map). This pool does not exist although there was a large empty space here. Maybe this will be built in the future depending on the park’s popularity.

Screen Shot 2558-09-27 at 1.35.46 PM

Sunbeds and Cabanas

Sunbeds are provided free of charge and many beds (not all) also had sun parasols. We visited in the low season and there did not appear to be any shortage as the park was not so busy (not too sure what the situation is like in high season). “Cabanas” are available too but these come at an extra cost. of 2000 baht per day (quite pricey!) The cabana is little more than a framed tent but it is equipped with chairs and a small table as well as an air-cooler. You can book a cabana at the entrance ticket office or if you want to take a look at what you are getting first then these can also be booked while you are inside the park.

The food at Cartoon network

Running up multiple staircases to get to the rides sure does make you hungry! There is a food court along with an ice cream parlour if you want to grab something to eat. The food court was not cheap however, a simple plate of noodles was priced at around 280 baht and it really did not look anything special. Also you are not allowed to bring in your own food and bags are checked on entry.

Cartoon Network Amazone Pattaya Opening Times

The park is open from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm daily

Cartoon Network Amazone Entrance Fee

It’s expensive! and they have a discriminatory pricing policy for foreigners 🙁

These are the current prices (2015):

For foreigners
adult: 1590 baht
child: 1190 baht

For Thai nationals and foreigners residing in Thailand
adult: 1290 baht
child: 890 baht

There is soon to be another waterpark opening soon in the Pattaya area “Ramayana Waterpark” hopefully the opening of this park will see some pricing competition and we hope to see some discounted prices in the future

How to get to the Cartoon Network Amazone

Currently, the park does not include any transportation services from Pattaya, I am surprised they do not provide some form of free shuttle bus service as it is situated some 10-15km out of the city (surly this will be good for business and encourage more people to visit). For now, you have to make your own way! If you do not have your own transport then you will have to charter a taxi or a songtaew. There were 8 of us in our group and we flagged down an empty songtaew in the city, agree on a price with the driver beforehand (we paid 300 baht each way for the whole group) and pre-arranged a pickup time and our driver promptly turned up on time to take us back to our hotel in the city.

Cartoon Network Amazone Pattaya location Map

In summary

All of us at Travel Hub gave the Cartoon Network Amazone waterpark the thumbs up and was thoroughly enjoyed! There is something for all ages here. There were no big issues with the facilities and the rides were great. The high entrance fee is defiantly a drawback especially if you are paying for multiple family members and if there was excessive queuing I feel this could also lessen the day’s enjoyment, it’s a shame there is no transported included either. With a competing water park (Ramayana Water Park) opening soon it will be good to see how these compare at excitement and price.

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