Underwater World Pattaya

Underwater World Pattaya

UnderWater World is Pattaya’s flagship aquarium attraction boasting a 105-meter long aquarium tunnel. The aquarium is arranged into six zones. When you enter the aquarium you will be in the central zone where you will find the touch pool and magic tanks where you can touch and interact with the fish, there is also a fish feeding pond here where you can feed the fish using a baby’s feeding bottle. Walking towards the tunnels you will come across a few more display tanks featuring a variety of colourful fish and marine life such as crabs and lobsters. The highlight of the aquarium is definitely the walkthrough tunnels which run under the water, the tunnels pass through three different zones; The Coral Reef Zone, the Open Ocean Zone and finally the Giants Of Siam Zone which is a freshwater tank featuring large, native species of freshwater fish. The main tunnel tanks (Coral Reef, Open Ocean and Giant of Siam) are very well stocked with fish and if you are here at feeding time you can see divers enter the tanks and distribute food for the fish. At the end of the tunnel zone, you will pass into the Jelly Fish Zone. The Jelly Fish Zone is a personal favourite at this aquarium attraction as we love the way the jellyfish were displayed in their tanks lit with different coloured lighting. If you are with excited kiddies you might find that you can walk through the whole attraction quite quickly! You may want to slow them down a bit as they can have a tendency to rush from tank to tank and you may want to prolong the experience and enjoyment for them by slowing the pace a bit.

Underwater world Pattaya Feeding times

A diver will enter the tanks to feed the fish at specified times during the day. these are the latest published feeding times.

Coral Reef Zone: 10:30 and 15:30
Open Ocean Zone: 10:30 and 16:00
Giants of Siam Zone: 11:30 and 17:00

Underwater World Pattaya Entrance fees

Adults: 500 baht
Children above 130cm tall: 500 baht
Children 90-130cm tall: 300 baht
Children below 90cm: free

Underwater World Pattaya opening times

Underwater World opens at 9:00 am and closes at 6:00 pm
(last entry before 5:30 pm)

Travel Hub Tours which visit Underwater World Pattaya

Travel Hub does not have any set tour itineraries which visit Underwater World Pattaya but if you would like us to escort you on a custom made private tour combined with other Pattaya attractions please contact us and we will provide you with a quote.

Underwater World Pattaya Location

Underwater World is well located and easy to find on the Sukhumwit Road about 10-15 minutes drive from Central Pattaya’s hotel zone

Underwater World Pattaya Map

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