Bus timetables from Bangkok to Pattaya

The Bangkok Pattaya Bus

If you want to take the bus from Bangkok to Pattaya then you will need to head to Bangkok’s Eastern Bus Station at Ekamai. Ekamai Bus Station serves destinations to the east of Bangkok and include Pattaya, Chonburi, Trad, Rayong (and Ban Pae for Koh Samet)  etc. The Bangkok Ekamai to Pattaya route is very well served with buses departing every 30 minutes starting at 05:00am and the last bus departing at 23:00. The Ekamai Bus Station is situated on the main Sukhumvit road (see map below) with the Ekamai BTS sky train station right out front! Definitely consider arriving by BTS sky train as generally traffic is very slow moving down the Sukhumvit road and could save plenty of time on a journey there. The buses arrive in Pattaya at the main North Pattaya Bus terminal (see map below). Buses are air conditioned 40 seaters

Bus fare from Bangkok to Pattaya

The current Bangkok to Pattaya bus fare is a very reasonable 119 baht

Purchase your tickest at both number 23 at Ekamai Bus Station

Bus Time table Bangkok (Ekamai) to Pattaya

Buses depart approximately every 30 minutes

First bus departs at 05:00

Last bus departs at 23:00

If you are making a bus connection then Pattaya is also served from some of other Bangkok’s bus stations. Service is also provided fro Bangkok Northern bus station (Mo Chit) to Pattaya and Bangkok’s Southern bus station to Pattaya

Bus Timetable Bangkok Southern Bus Station(Sai Tai) to Pattaya

Buses depart at the following times

05:30, 07:30, 09:30, 11:30, 13:30, 15:30, 17:30, 19:30

Bus Timetable Bangkok Northern Bus Station (Mochit) to Pattaya

Buses depart approximately every 30 minutes

First bus departs at 04:30

Last bus departs at 20:00

Ekamai Bus Station Bangkok Map


Pattaya Bus Station Map

See also bus timetables from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport to Pattaya 

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9 thoughts on “Bus timetables from Bangkok to Pattaya

  1. Rich

    How long does it take to get from Ekkamai to Pattaya by bus? Nobody says…

    1. Travel Hub

      It will take around 2 hours depending of traffic conditions

  2. Harris Carr

    When do the buses go Pattaya to Bangkok! Whats the time table?

    1. Travel Hub

      Buses leave Pattaya every 30-40 minutes throughout the day. Buses will start around 5:00am and finish around 11:00pm. For Ekkamai you will need to take the bus from the main Pattaya bus station in north Pattaya. You can find a map here:

      Pattaya Northern Bus terminal map

  3. Dominic

    Hi Travel Hub! Thanks for the information above. I also would like to ask you if you know the best way how to get to Hotel from the Main Bus Station in Pattaya? Would it be possible to buy a combo ticket with Bus & Songteo? The private Songteo at the Main Bus station Pattaya seem to overcharge …

  4. Carmela

    So if we are heading bangkok from Pattaya we need to go to North Pattaya terminal to Ekkamai Bus Station?

    1. Travel Hub

      Hello Carmela
      Yes the bus station in north Pattaya will take you to Bangkok’s Eastern Bus Terminal (Ekkamai)

      1. Nitya

        Are these buses leaving also very frequently throughout the day?

  5. Hey guys!
    Small message to tell that as from next week there will be a brand new service connecting Bangkok and Pattaya!
    A door to door bus service.
    Check out http://www.vibz.io/ and tell me what you think.

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