Wow! How Pattaya has changed!

Big Buddha hill - looking down towards Pattaya Bay

Pictures of Pattaya from the last 100 years

Big Buddha hill - looking down towards Pattaya Bay
Looking down to Pattaya Bay from Big Buddha Hill.
Pattaya Beach
Horses taking it easier on Beach Road Pattaya
A really old picture of Pattaya - no date info for this one but my guess would be early last century
I do not know the date of this one……..but the photo was taken a while back!
The area of Pattaya Beach now in front of Walking Street - This beach area has long dissapeared below the encrouchment of buiildings on the west side of Walking Street
Walking Street would be on the left-hand side in this photo. This part of the beach will now be hard to find as it has been encroached upon by many of the business on the eastern side of Walking Street. Many restaurants and nightclubs and extended construction out into the sea on piers and jetties.
Walking Street
Walking Street was taking its place to be the center of Pattaya’s nightlife back in the 70’s
Walking Street
Some pioneering backpackers heading to their accommodation on Walking Street
The road leading to the beach in North Pattaya
The road from the Dolphin Circle roundabout to Beach Road in 1966. The Amari Hotel is now situated on the right.
A Rare aerial view of Pattaya from this era with Wat Chai Mongkol in the mid ground. This is the area where Beach Road now meets Walking Street
The temple center in this photo is Wat Chai Mongkron. And to the front right is the start of Walking Street.
Tourist boats and retro jet skis in Pattaya Bay
Retro 70’s Jet skis.
A very quiet Beach Road!
Beach Road
Big Buddha temple - Wat Phra Khao Yai
Big Buddha Temple
Speedboats have been around in Pattaya Bay for decades!
You will find a few more speed boats bobbing about in Pattaya Bay today
Walking Street
The traditional way of celebrating Songkran.
Pattaya Beach
Did the horses move to Hua Hin?
Pre-pedestrianised Walking Street
Pattaya Beach - Looking better without the rows of cheap deck chairs and sun parasols.
The beach looked more attractive back then!
Where is this in Pattaya?
Somewhere in Pattaya……..
Walking Street - Looks like Soi 16 on the left
Towards the southern end of Walking Street.

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