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Bang Saen

If you want to escape the busy brash town of Pattaya for a day then consider heading 40km north up the coat to the seaside town of Bang Saen. Bang Saen is a great spot to sample a slower, less hectic and traditional way of Thai life away from the hectic tourist scene of Pattaya. Bang Saen is still a traditional Thai seaside town attracting very few foreign tourists and still has a nice collection of attractions to justify a trip up to this traditional Thai seaside town.

Bang Saen Beach

Although still dominated by deck chairs and parasols the beach at Bang Saen is wider and cleaner than the beach at Pattaya. Weekends are very busy with local Thai day-trippers especially from Bangkok as this is one of the nearest beaches to the capital city. If you are in Bang Saen for the day and want some beach time then this is worth a stop. There are plenty of seafood vendors setting up just behind the beach, so not a bad spot to take a bit of lunch while enjoying the beach.

Bang Saen Beach
Bang Saen Beach
Khao Samuk – Monkey Mountain

Samuk hill affords great views both north and south over the shoreline and oyster farms in the distance. The hill is also home to a lively and expanding colony of Macaque monkeys. One of the main attractions is feeding the monkeys. Enterprising banana venders can usually be found nearby, but be careful if feeding the monkeys! they can be aggressive and have been known to bite tourists who are not forthcoming with the food.

Monkeys on Khoa Samuk Bang Saen
Monkeys on Khao Samuk Bang Saen
Burapha University Aquarium

The aquarium at Burapha University is surprisingly large with many display tanks showcasing a whole lot of fish and sea life species. If you are in Bang Saen then this aquarium is well worth a look and great for the kids.

Buarpha University Aquarium
Buarpha University Aquarium
Local markets

The local market which sets up along Sukhumwit road sells a lot of local specialities as well as fresh and dried seafood items, even if you do not want to buy a walk around the market is a wonderful feast for the senses.

Dried Seafood Market Bang Saen
Dried Seafood Market Bang Saen
Thep Sathit Phra Kitti Chalerm Temple – Nazah Temple

Thep Sathit Phra Kitti Chalerm Temple (“the house of all gods”) but is better known as Nazha a temple. It was built in 1999 on the place of the small Nazha shrine to commemorate His Majesty the Kings 70th birthday. The main temple building is large but very ornately decorated in a colourful Chinese style.

Thep Sathit Phra Kitti Chalerm Temple
Thep Sathit Phra Kitti Chalerm Temple
Mortar and Pestle Manufacture

The area north of Bang Saen (Angsila Village) is the regional centre of a home industry making motor and pestles from solid stone. You can find outlets selling mortars and pestles of all sizes along the main street and at some outlets, you can pop around the back and see how these are made by the stonemasons from solid chunks of rock.

Oyster Farms

If you cross the headland north of Bang Saen beach you will come to a further bay, this bay consists of shallow tidal mudflats which are good for swimming but are very good for the farming of oysters. You can see the oyster farms out in the bay as well as oysters (and other seafood)  being opened and prepared at little stalls on the beachside road.

Interested in seeing Bang Saen?

Travel Hub can arrange a day tour to Bang Saen (combined with Khao Keow Zoo) from Pattaya, Bangkok or as a shore excursion from an arriving cruise ship at Laem Chabang please visit the appropriate pages:

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